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FluxBB mod, reported posts, with a auto ban feature

Similar to the other mod, but in this one, the reported post not only gets moved off the board, but the OP gets banned for 24 hours,
There are risks with the autoban feature, how ever they have been minimized. There are also lines that can be commented or uncommented, that could be used to ban the IP , e-mail as well as the user name.
I will be posting the code for this here.
===== important disclaimer=====
Both of these mods are entirely experimental,  I have tried them, and they seem ok, how ever they are needing more testing and
review, it would be best to try them on a off line, local host board rather the a on line production forum. In any event only those that  are experienced with standard precaution procedures, like making copies of your original working files first, etc.
You should be some what familiar with fluxBB, and php code, before trying them. We, both the author and myself are not responsible
for any problems that might occur. We are available though, as well as other, if any one does have problems or questions, and comments.
And will try to help solve any issues, if need be. In a nut shell "Use at you own risk". We do welcome, and hope a few others will help with testing these, and can use them, so that is the purpose of these topics,and sharing the code here.
====================== End disclaimer ======================================


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